Tony Early

Product Tester

My first memory of fishing, I was five years old. I was walking down the bank on a concrete pad at Triadelphia Lake, Maryland. As I was walking, I came across a Styrofoam cup laying on the ground and inside it was a nightcrawler. I picked it up, put it on the hook of my Zebco kid’s pole and cast it out on the water - BAM! - On my line was a 5 lb Largemouth. Impressed, my dad spent the rest of the weekend at that spot in an attempt to out fish me. To his best efforts, he never did. That was the day I discovered my passion for fishing.

In the early 70’s, I found myself fly fishing. I even learned how to tie and use my own flies then. In 1980, I met an old man who I gave some flies to and he took me out in a bass boat for the first time down in the tidal waters of southern Maryland. That trip is the the trip that truly hooked me on bass fishing and where I learned to run the tide.

Years later I won some tournaments at the Crabtown Bassmasters in Chesapeake Bay. As I continued fishing, I found myself in Texas, where my knowledge and success truly blossomed. In 2010, I bought a Basscat Cougar with a 250 HP Mercury on the back and I never felt so free.

Then one day, I was out on a service call and I met this kid, Randy. As I was working, we killed the time talking and I got to know him a little bit. He told me how much he missed fishing and I decided to pay it forward. Like the old man before me, I invited Randy to go out fishing with me. He brought these baits with him that looked so different and wild that I actually laughed at him when he told me he made them.

He made me swallow those jokes when we got out on the water. He was out fishing me two-fold! I was stunned. I decided maybe I should give one of his baits a try. He quickly agreed and I was immediately impressed with the action and vibrancy of the colors once they hit the water. It didn't take long for me to put Randy back in his place by out fishing him and ever since that day, I have been a part of The BAITMASTER Team.

From testing the products & colors to giving advice on what needs to be done from a fisherman’s perspective, I have to say, this kid has really nailed it! Not only has he given me the best moving baits I’ve ever seen in 35 years, I’ve never had as much success and consistency on the water as I do now. Just look at that 11.3 pounder up there!

If you want to catch big fish and catch them consistently, give BAITMASTER a shot - You won’t be disappointed.

Tony’s Top 3

5.5” Kickertail Worms – Blood Pepper

4” Crawmikazes- Green Pumpkin

4” Bloodline Swimbaits – White Pepper

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