Ryan Gangl

Director of Photography

My name is Ryan Gangl. I am a videographer from Minnesota, now living in Los Angeles. There are two things in life I love most and they both begin with the letter F: Film and Fishing.

 I am the owner of Welcome Aboard Productions and we specialize in bringing a client’s vision into focus on the screen.

As Director of Photography for BAITMASTER, I take my work seriously and I am professional in everything I do from start to finish; And it shows in my work.

I grew up in Northern Minnesota hunting, fishing, and living off the land.

As an avid fisherman, I love fishing for Northern Pike the most as that is my favorite aquatic animal to catch. But if you asked me if that was my preference, I’d have to tell you that ice - spearfishing over angling would be most ideal for me.

When I go fishing with Randy, my favorite fish to catch is the Bluegill we use to stock the pond. They give you a good fight and you can catch ‘em all day. When I go bass fishing, you’ll often see me using my favorite bait, which happens to be the Crawmikaze - Swamp Thing made by BAITMASTER. The colors are vibrant and it drives the bass wild!

I have had the pleasure and good fortune to be working with BAITMASTER for well over two years now and I look forward to creating more amazing content with them into the future and beyond.

Lets keep on fishing together and I invite you to check out my website at:


Ryan's Top 3

5.5" Kickertail Worms - Black Op Special

4" Crawmikazes - Swamp Thing

4" Bloodline Swimbaits - Shock & Awe

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