Randy Shelly


Magic happened when I was 3 years old. I caught my first fish! Following that day and every day after, all I could think about was being out on the water fishing. 

When I was 8 years old, I discovered how to make soft plastic lures and quickly became obsessed with mixing colors. This became my hobby until I abandoned it when I moved from my home in Texas onto a boat in Southern California. I spent 15 years in California and during that time, I fished whenever I could, surrounded by the salt air and deep blue ocean for miles around me. 

After my 15 year stint in California, I returned to Texas. Once there, my friend Tony Early helped me rekindle my passion for fresh-water fishing, and along with that, I rediscovered my long lost love for making soft plastic lures. 

After perfecting my "first" batch of plastic worms, I gave some to Tony to try out. He ended up winning a tournament with them. Word quickly spread and everyone I knew would ask me endlessly for my lures. 

Running a lure company was the furthest thing from my mind as my efforts and dream were to get back on my boat in California, but fate had other plans. I’m glad it did. As the saying goes, “Do what you love and love what you do.” 

I love fishing and I love making lures even more. It's one thing to catch a big fish, but it's something truly inspiring when you help someone else land their new PB. Through countless months of tweaking our colors and plastisol blends, I had finally arrived at something everyone seems to love and can't stop asking for!

 Once you get your catch of the year, you’ll understand how worth it it is to reel in the big’ns with BAITMASTER

Randy's Top 3

5.5" Kickertail Worms - Plum w/ Apple Flake

4" Crawmikazes - Mudbug

4.5" Stick Worms - White Pepper

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