Nick Nguyen

My fishing journey began at just four years old, fishing with my dad in Southern California. I never dreamed that those casual sessions at the pier with my dad would develop into such a zealous passion. Now, with 13 years as a deckhand in the sportfishing industry under my belt (and a hell of a lot of catches), I can safely say that I, Nick Nguyen, am addicted to fishing.
Originally a recreational and professional fisherman in Southern California, I grew used to the So-Cal fisherman ways - fishing trout in the winter and targeting inshore and pelagic game in the summer. If something was biting, I was out catching (or at least trying to)…always on the hunt for that next wide-open bite or possible personal best.

It wasn’t until after relocating to Nevada, that I realized my love for big game fishing. Moving to a desert state after being spoiled with the ocean for so many years was quite the adjustment, but it was also an incredible learning experience. When you’re limited to a handful of waters and you have the itch that only large predators can scratch, you learn to adapt quickly and be in the know, changing tactics to always be one step ahead. Chasing the thrill of the hunt, as they say!

I am a huge fan of BAITMASTER’s line of products. As a sponsored fisherman, I am thrilled to always be one of the first in line to try what they have in the works and be able to give my opinion on what they can do to improve their products and my overall fishing experience. When I was offered the opportunity to work with BAITMASTER, it was a no brainer, I couldn’t say no! After all my years of fishing and the many products I have used…what can I say? The baits get bit when others don’t!

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