Jason Accomando

Assistant Manager

If you ask any avid fisherman when they figured out they had a passion for fishing, most would say they started fishing when they were young. Whether your first fishing experience is fondly remembered as a trip with a family member or a friend, a fisherman won’t tell you a tall tale. I’m no different. My grandfather taught me everything I know about fishing and that is the spark that developed into a bonfire of fishing heaven.

I remember my first big catch. It was a 4lb smallmouth on Lake Whitney. I was 8 years old at the time and boy was I ecstatic!

Many years later (and many catches later too), I reeled in a 24lb Striper on Lake Whitney. 

We all want to tell our best stories and how we did it. Well let me tell you about BAITMASTER. One day I was searching around for some longer lasting soft plastics and I happened across BAITMASTER. I was immediately impressed. Not only are the colors more vibrant, but the worms themselves are naturally reactive to the way I move and bounce them. I became so impressed with this product that I became part of The BAITMASTER Team! BAITMASTER lures are now the only soft plastics I use and I am not just saying that as head of sales.

Jason's Top 3

5.5" Kickertail Worms - Black Op Special

4" Crawmikazes - Swamp Thing

4" Bloodline Swimbaits - Shock & Awe

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