Greg Watton

Director of Social Media

My name is Greg Watton and I am the Director of Media for BAITMASTER. As many avid fishermen may tell you, they started fishing when they were little kids. If I told you the story was the same for me, you’d probably believe it hook, line, and sinker. But I didn’t start fishing until I was in my early twenties. I am a Southern California native and I grew up in a beach city. So, while I wasn’t an experienced fisherman, I have been around fish all my life. 

My story is a bit different. I was a college radio DJ for a couple years right out of high school. I wrote songs on the side as a hobby and spent some time honing my craft. As I wasn’t too sure what my major would be, my brother joined the Air Force and not too long after, he convinced me to do the same. 

One week after September 11, 2001 I entered boot camp. I spent the next four years in the military and I travelled the United States. When I was stationed in South Dakota, I went on a weekend trip to a lake for the fourth of July weekend. My friends brought along fishing poles and I hung out with them as they caught dinner. That evening, as we had fish on the grill, we celebrated independence day with a slew of fireworks we had brought with us. Other campers around the lake had the same idea and it was one of the best fourth of Julys' I have experienced. I guess you could say fishing brings out a sort of freedom when you’re out on the water.

After the military, I returned to California and after a few years of being home, I met Randy through some entertainment industry friends of mine. Randy took me out on the water and showed me how amazing it is to fish. I have loved it ever since. So, when Randy asked me to join The BAITMASTER Team, how could I say no? Especially when what BAITMASTER offers are lures that live up to its name.

Greg's Top 3

5.5" Kickertail Worms - White Pepper

4" Crawmikaze - Chartreuse Pepper/Glow

4" Bloodline Swimbaits - Black w/ Blue Flake

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