Elijah Wooten

My love for fishing began when I was just 2 years old, out on the Coosa River in my beloved home state of Alabama.

I spent the summers of my youth fishing on that river with my grandfather and I can still remember my first catch vividly- a gorgeous 3lb largemouth bass! I was hooked; fishing quickly became a fervid passion of mine and, needless to say, the hobby has persisted.

Thanks to my lifelong dedication to the craft, I now have a career as a professional fisherman, competing in tournaments around the United States and continuing to refine my fishing skills. This dream career of mine led me to BAITMASTER...

Thanks to BAITMASTER lures, my bag weights have drastically improved, and I am thrilled to be sponsored by them. You truly couldn't ask for a better-quality bait, company, or customer service.

I highly recommend this company as they really care about the fisherman and value quality products over profits. Not only will BAITMASTER improve your fishing experience and bag weight, but their customer service will blow you out of the water! They help their customers meet their fishing needs and will gladly research and recommend lures and colors for your area, waters, and the fish you are targeting.

As a sponsored fisherman, I am used to receiving defective products from time to time, but I have yet to receive a single defective product from BAITMASTER in my 2 years of being sponsored by them!

100% Handmade and inspected, made with great quality American products and right here in the U.S.A, I'll gladly support and stand behind BAITMASTER and recommend that you do the same. After all, it's the obvious choice.

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